Welcome to the Nourish Every Mind Online Auction!


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Issaquah Schools Foundation Auction! Here you will find more than 150 exciting products, services, and one of a kind experiences that you won't want to pass up. Proceeds from this auction support the Nourish Every Mind campaign and will fund ongoing programs and grants supported through The Foundation. 

Bidding on items is easy:

  1. Create a login ID and password  (If you prefer to remain anonymous while bidding, be sure to pick an ID that doesn't give away your identity)
  2. Browse through the online catalog and place your bid. Clicking on the name of the item will take you to that items page.
  3. Many items have a Buy Now price; this is the highest bid and will guarantee you the purchase of that item!  For items that do not have this feature, feel free to skip bid increments and enter a bid higher than what is required. This will save you numerous emails informing you that you have been outbid.

There are so many amazing items to choose from many of which are not available for purchase anywhere else! This is especially true of the "In Our Schools", "Lunch with the Principal", and "Sports in Our District" categories where you will find one of a kind experiences with Issaquah School District staff. We invite you to bid high and bid often!

Here are a few time saving tips and tricks to make shopping the auction fun and productive:

  • Bookmark this page so you can come back easily.
  • Use the category feature to quickly browse areas of interest. (Keep in mind each item can only be assigned to one category)
  • Allow yourself enough time to browse the entire catalog, so you don't miss a thing! 
  • You'll find Restrictions, Pick-up information (if applicable), and Expiration dates on the items page below the description along with more pictures if available.
  • Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, so you can relax and enjoy the process!

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